Dear conservatives, disenfranchised Leftists, Republicans, Democrats, Never Trumpers, Christians, Jews, LGBQs, other religions, legal immigrants, etc.: 2020 is the big one.

Both major political parties have blown their trust with the American citizen and potential voters. So this year let us put on our various hats (labels) and take charge and think like Americans — constitutional Americans, that is.

Americans need some concepts to bring us together. Here are a couple:

•(Real) pro-choice for all citizens: life vs. death;

•Have a legal "reset": elect constitutionalist candidates and require judges to be originalists;

•Declare a moratorium on political "name calling";

•Declare that for 2020 we will set aside our American family differences, while we first of all declare our allegiance to our primary family — America.

In Pendleton, we just completed our annual Pendleton Round-Up rodeo. This draws folks from all over the country. It was clear that people of all ilks wanted to sign recall petitions to recall the Oregon governor — several wanted to recall the Washington state and California governors. The Trump campaign hats, shirts, etc., were mostly sold out by Thursday; sales were to go to Saturday. The #Timber Unity group was a large success. This goes along with the Slavic community activists and Democrat mothers concerning vaccinations from Portland. The leftist leaders are in serious trouble.

However, if the rest of us don't come together now, we will watch our family, city, county, state, and nation parish.

Larry and Jean Nye


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