As a retired college administrator I worked through processes to address employee performance problems, and where necessary, follow steps leading to dismissal. In that setting Donald Trump would have lost his job by now.

The current impeachment investigation in the House of Representatives is a process of holding him accountable for abuses of his position, in particular the violation of his oath of office and his flouting of the Constitution’s requirements of him.

I recently heard your comments expressing concern for the process on impeachment proceedings, not surprised that you have finally broken your silence to criticize protocol being carried out by your colleagues across the aisle, while you defend by your silence the man who daily tramples them. I wonder when that might change. Where is your red line in regard to destructive behavior by the holder of the nation’s highest office that would prompt you to speak out against his abuses, and take seriously your responsibility for oversight of performance and work product in the executive branch?

He continues to damage our country’s relationships with allies, cozy up to dictators, and bully the most expert members of his administration into leaving the executive branch of government. And yet that does not seem to concern you.

He has stood by leaders of nations whose power ploys are meant to weaken our nation’s values and electoral processes, toadying up to Russia’s Putin, North Korea’s Kim, and Saudi Arabia’s bin Salman. And yet that behavior does not appear to bother you.

Most recently we have seen him yet again fire and hound into retirement agency experts thereby depriving our nation of their service, further degrade the quality of expertise in essential government agencies through acting appointments that bypass congressional approval, and schedule his workdays on behalf of his own personal political and business interests. And still this workplace performance merits no criticism from you.

There is evidence of misuse of taxpayers’ resources to unauthorized uses, arbitrary withholding of aid to Ukraine to stand against Russia, recruitment of foreign governments for opposition research, and public threats to whistle-blowers and all who oppose him. Even this escalation of events is not enough to bring you to speak out.

With each new abuse your silence paves the road of capitulation and complicity. When will you stand up for your oath of office, and speak out?

Regina Braker


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