A recent article in your newspaper was interesting. A man kills a horse. He likes horse meat. The article says he does it with one shot.

With this individual’s expertise I would guess death to the animal comes instantly. This horse, like any other animal, will make a delicious meal.

One thing that interests me is the disdain and the hate/death threats he and his employer received. It is another example of anything the animal freaks think is not to their taste as being wrong.

And an example of the news media plastering it beyond what the gentleman did, in their effort to make him look like a villain.

The horse is an animal. This man and his employer are human beings. They received death threats from other life forms, calling themselves humans, for killing an animal? They almost convince me that at least some of us did come from the monkey. Some possibly didn’t totally evolve mentally.

Appetites change over time. The Indians want to live their normal tribal cultures, yet publicly now say it is below them to kill horses and eat them — even though the horses are more than just a nuisance, damage the environment, cause problems for other wildlife, and costs millions of dollars attempting to manage them.

As I had opportunity to read and enjoy such wonderful, truly adventurous books as Astoria, pages are full of the important place horses played in the life of the Indian people of the Mid/Northwest, as well as the fur traders and other explorers of that time.

The horse had many uses. They packed them, hunted from them, bred them and used them for transportation.

The horse had intrinsic trade/barter value — they were given as presents to important people, they were a sign of power and prestige to the one who had many of them, etc. And oh yes, the horse was very important as a food.

When wild game was scarce, they would eat their horses. The meat is said to be delicious. Some desired it above other meats. The hides were used to make flotation devices to ford rivers, and for protection from the elements.

Considering the creativeness of the Native Americans and adventurous explorers of that time period, the only thing not used when a horse was butchered was its whinny.

Maybe, like the sacred cows of the Middle East, we shouldn't ride them, just worship them.

Leonard “Pa” Routson


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