Only Trump would be able see people flipping him the bird and then tell his entourage full of lap dogs to admire how they consider him “ Number One.” He won’t be happy until he has embarrassed us fully to the entire world.

When I return home from visits to my daughter's home in Australia, I’m immediately asked by Americans, “Did you see any kangaroos?” When I get to Australia I’m immediately asked by them, “How could America elect somebody so ignorant and racist?” I don’t have an explanation for them because I’m still mystified by the support for this buffoon posing as a statesmen.

Trump wouldn’t know diplomacy or decency or common sense if they came up and bit him on his big orange backside. His phony tough facade, contradicted by his made-up medical affliction to avoid service in Vietnam, clearly shows his cowardice. He wasn’t a fan of that war and it was so far away. Seriously? The words of a true hero to all that honorably served.

Anybody but Trump in 2020!

David Gracia


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