What makes reading the minutes of Hermiston City Council meetings interesting is the comments and actions of appointed councilman George Anderson.

On March 25, Anderson harassed councilman Doug Primmer into abstaining from a vote which had already been taken!

The council had voted on and approved Resolution 1926, a supplemental budget for the city of Hermiston. It was after that vote that Anderson again brought up the fact that Primmer’s wife is president of Hermiston’s police union. He stated that it would be a “substantial conflict of interest” if Primmer didn’t abstain from voting.

Councilman Primmer said that she had talked with city attorney Gary Luisi about this and, according to Luisi, in this situation there was no conflict of interest.

Anderson, not to be deterred, put down Mr. Luisi’s opinion and name-dropped the Oregon Ethics Commission. Councilman Primmer, in a effort to keep things harmonious, abstained from a vote that had already been taken. The council then had to vote again on Res. 1926 with Primmer abstaining.

The violation of Oregon’s Statute ORS 244 “conflict of interest” on March 25 was not committed by councilman Primmer but by appointed councilman George Anderson.

Anderson neglected to state that he represents Heller and Sons, a local fuel distribution company, which has a contract with the city of Hermiston to provide fuel for the city’s vehicles. According to the Ethics Commission, this is considered an “actual conflict of interest” [ORS 244.020 (1)].

This, on top of Anderson’s obvious vendetta against councilmen Primmer and Kirwan, which continues to disrupt meetings and degrades the effectiveness of our city council, is unacceptable.

Anderson should resign from the council but, knowing him, he won’t do that. Recall is not a option. But as a voting citizen of Hermiston, I can renounce him and I can stop recognizing him a member of the council.

I no longer want George Anderson to be my voice in Hermiston’s city government. George Anderson, you’re fired!

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