Two critical tests that any elected representative must pass are that he or she make sound decisions for the good of their constituents, and that they seek the truth. On Wednesday, Jan. 6, and Thursday, Jan. 7, freshman Congressman Cliff Bentz, representing Oregon's 2nd Congressional District, failed both tests.

Going into the special joint session of Congress — wherein the results of the recent presidential election would be certified — Mr. Bentz chose to side with a fringe group of Republican representatives that intended to oppose the certification based upon lies and baseless accusations the election had somehow been rigged — lies and accusations that were born and perpetuated by a defeated president. The evolution of these lies within the supporters of President Donald Trump formed the catalyst that led to armed insurrection and storming of the Capitol building by Trump supporters on Jan. 6.

Following this terrifying attempted coup that threatened the fabric of the U.S. government, Bentz still chose to continue to perpetuate these lies by voting with his cronies against the certification of the presidential vote. Bentz is complicit with the president and his Republican colleagues in attempting to undermine the foundation of American democracy by seeking to scuttle a free and fair election.

Bentz has betrayed his oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Bentz has demonstrated that he will not be an effective representative for the people of Oregon's 2nd Congressional District and must resign, effective immediately.

Mark Peterson


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