We Americans have been handed an opportunity. We can show the world that we are indeed a country that still dreams and has hope for a future. The only way to make that wish come true is to rid ourselves of the baggage of the current administration.

We voted. That was supposed to be enough.

The Trumpers showed us (Jan. 6) that we will have to do more than vote. The crimes committed in our Capitol are directly tied to the man in the Oval Office, and anyone who votes to continue this abuse of our freedoms cannot serve their fellow man. Rep. Cliff Bentz got sworn in on (Jan. 3), voted with Trump while terrorists attacked our Capitol and still cannot place the blame properly.

When you voted for Bentz, you voted for Trump. You did not vote for our country or for the future, you voted for a self-centered point of view that does not serve constituents of any party.

Mr. Bentz, step away from politics if you cannot see the difference between what we need and what we have been stuck with because of sadly misinformed or deliberately, unintelligently, choosing a representative based on a political party.

(Jan. 6) must live on in our memories to prevent it from happening every election. You lose? Too bad, just protest until you get your way.

Not my idea of a government operating for the citizens.

Colleen Blackwood


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