I was at the town hall that Greg Walden hosted in Athena on Sunday and, to say the least, I am aghast at how he distorted conditions on the border. He let on like there are no issues with the housing of the immigrants from South America, yet when people like Ron Wyden and Alexia Oasia-Cortez talk about conditions down there, they are awful. Even the people who treat the migrants say that conditions are bad.

No one in America should have to sleep on the floor covered up with a space blanket, yet you can see pictures every day of children laying on the floor covered with a space blanket and trying to sleep. Perhaps Representative Walden should go with Senators Merkley and Wyden and see first-hand what a horrendous situation it is down there, instead of listening to No. 45 tweet about how wonderful it is down there.

Barbara Wright


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