I first subscribed to the East Oregonian in 1980, mostly for the sports page. Over the course of time, I became interested in other features: letters to the editor, editorials, and syndicated columnists. Each of these features has helped me to broaden my perspective, but none more so than the syndicated columnists.

My mother mentioned how she enjoyed the insights provided by reading Maureen Dowd’s column — so I started reading her columns, too. I found her style to be engaging and entertaining, while providing deep insights into her topics. As a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, she elevated the pages of the EO.

I also enjoyed the columns written by Dave Barry, another Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose humorous columns entertained and educated, often leaving me wanting more.

Most recently, I have looked forward to columns by David Brooks, Nicholas Kristof, and Thomas Friedman. Each of these columnists is renowned for their work, known for the depth and breadth of their writings. Their columns challenge values, enlighten thought, raise ideals, and expand understanding of the issues we face today.

I’m saddened that the EO has discontinued these fine columnists and I do hope that they will reconsider.

Wesley Duchek


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