Are you a member of the minimum wage sector of District 58? If you answered yes to that question, then I must ask how it feels to get less wages for what you do than someone who works in Beaverton or Bend?

How does it feel to be earning $1.25 less every hour you work in Pendleton, Paisley or Prineville than your counterparts do in the metro area? If it irks you, then this election it's time to tell our Republican friends, "We are tired of being treated like we aren't as good as those who live in Portland and do the same jobs we do."

I'm sorry, Sen. Bill Hansell, but I don't swallow that it is cheaper to live in Pendleton than in the metro area when it has to cost more to truck fuel from Pasco, Washington, to Pendleton than it does from Swan Island to Wilsonville.

Voters in District 58, you have the ability to change the course that the Republicans have set for the district and elect someone to represent us who believes, like many of us do, that Oregon stretches from the Idaho border to the Pacific Ocean and not to one or the other side of the Cascade Mountains.

For the past 40 years, it has been "us" and "them," and now it's time that we stop that by electing someone who will work to unite the district with the rest of the state and make District 58 somewhere that our children and grandchildren can afford to come back and live in. By electing Nolan Bylenga, we can do that. That young man is wiser than his years and knows that we must work at uniting Oregon and working for one common goal, which is uniting the state for the betterment of all Oregonians.

On Nov. 3, elect Nolan Bylenga, a Democrat, to House District 58. He will work with others to reunite the state and bring District 58 into the 21st century.

Barbara A. Wright


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