The city of Weston has scheduled a public hearing on Nov. 15 at 6 p.m. at Memorial Hall.  If you care about your community and your city park you will want to attend.

I live in Idaho. However, since I own property at 204 S. Water, I received notice of a proposal to construct a “shop/shed” at 301 S. Water. So I thought the project was in the next block. I got to Weston last week, went to city hall and was absolutely shocked to discover this was not for a private residence but a project generated by the city of Weston. This so called “shop/shed” is, in actuality, a monstrosity measuring 96 feet in length and 36 feet wide, with the lowest height at the eave of 14 feet. The city is proposing to construct this right up against your park fence!  None of this was mentioned in the hearing notice.

This proposal is wrong on so many levels I don’t have enough space to explain them all. Briefly, this “shop/shed” will ruin the view of the park from every direction. This “shop/shed” will wipe out most of your already limited off-street parking. This “shop/shed” will eliminate your Pioneer Days Barbecue area and sure put a damper on all park functions. This “shop/shed” will dump water and snow into your park and make more park area useless.

In fact, not only does this “shop/shed” not belong next to the city park. The city should look for a better place for its entire maintenance department, and I suggest the area by its water tower. This will provide more space for the maintenance department and then create more space for the much-needed, decent off-street parking by the park. That would be a significant improvement for your community!

Sounds reasonable to me. Well, citizens, what do you think?

Diana Teel, Orofino, Idaho

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