In regards to your recent kick in the pants for the state senators who walked to halt HB 2020, the new not a tax bill: You should have given them a tip of the hat for having the guts to try to stop one of the worst taxes invented.

It’s quite obvious that Kate Brown and many of our legislators know nothing about climate change or greenhouse gases and human contribution to it. If we truly want to address a problem, we need to make sure it is truly a problem and we are not trying to fix something that isn’t broken. The science used needs to be non-biased, and non-funded for a specific outcome. It should be based on facts and truths, not based on social media, or something found on the internet, or a study privately funded and completed by “save the whatever society.”

When a solution is found by unbiased scientists without a vested interest, then and only then should we pass a tax bill that affects all the taxpaying people and helps improve the outcome. This tax should then be used for that purpose only. Until then, the senators had every right to protect the public from those who want to pass a poorly written “landmark bill” as your paper presented it, a bill presently backed by bad science.

We as a people cannot fix something that is a theory only (meaning it hasn’t been proven and thereby the solution to the problem hasn’t been proven to work). Check the facts.

Mark Yeske


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