Here are a few observations I have noticed. Oregon invented the mail-in ballot. Ever since the mail-in ballot there has not been a Republican governor elected and the same for every blue state that uses mail-in ballots. Also, their state legislators have reduced the Republican representatives. Hum. Just saying.

Gov. Kate Brown allows corporate America to be open, but not small entrepreneurs, which will effectively
 wipe out the middle class. Her coronavirus tracing never finds out if a shopper at Macy's contacted COVID-
19, only industries. Macy's can have 75% capacity, but restaurants must shut down. One should ask her
 tracers how many cases came from restaurants. Walmart is essential, dope stores are essential, and of 
course liquor stores.

All public servants are still working, however, when one calls a state office one can
 wait up to one hour to speak to a real person or one can leave a message and four hours later, they call
 back. One example (game commission): "Due to the volume of calls your wait time will be approximately 20 minutes. You
 can leave a brief message with your name and telephone number and we will return you call in the
 order it was received." If I had stayed on the phone for 20 minutes, I would have gotten faster service 
than waiting four hours for a returned call. 

Protesters to Gov. Brown's draconian rules in Salem get the bum rush, but the protesters in
 Portland get kid gloves. Effectively, the mayor of Portland and our governor have lost control of a once
-great city.

The elites have rules for you, but not me. That is why the French Revolution took place. I foresee the pitch
forks and scythes coming out soon.

Oregon is 48th in the nation for education, and now 40% of the students are failing. Over 1,000 student 
suicides in Oregon. That is a record to be proud of, Gov. Brown.

Do not bother with the Oregon Supreme Court if one has issues with the laws the governor broke, 
because it is just a little left of Cuba.

Roesch Kishpaugh


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