What's this about a political party that won't accept the results of a legal election? Let's go back four years to 2016. What party wouldn't accept the legal election results then? What party spent years chasing fabricated evidence? What party spent millions of tax dollars on this investigation? What party found absolutely nothing?

Now fast forward to today. What party won the election but refused to investigate substantiated fraud in the election? The evidence was brought to the courts many times. The courts didn't investigate the evidence. They just dismissed the cases but there was no examination of the evidence at any time. There still has been no investigation into the possibility of election fraud in the 2020 election. Congress should have stepped in and investigated, but no, they just accepted the word of other politicians that there was no fraud (their party had won, you know, wink, wink).

The Democrats call for "unity." There can be no unity when over half of the country believes that they have been robbed by a corrupt voting process.

If Congress really wants unity, they will convene an honest, bipartisan investigation into the election. If we are honestly proven wrong, the people will stand behind this election. But until then, we can only look upon Congress as aiding and abetting voter fraud by their lack of action.

Robert Stuart


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