I read with interest the Democrat comments about holding on to their "power" after the last election and the disappointment expressed that they still aren't able to muster a quorum to overcome a Republican walkout. Nowhere did I see mention of a desire to work across the aisle to discuss issues and pass legislation that would benefit the entire state, and not just the power centers of Portland and Salem.

Those of us living on the east side of the state, as well as the other pockets of conservative lifestyles, are often ignored. The carbon tax that Republicans stood their ground on last session is a case in point. Rather than working toward a solution, it was "our way or the highway" type of legislating. Passing that bill would have been disastrous for the east side economy.

Reading the article, it appears we can continue to expect more of the same out of our Legislature. The old saying, "No taxation without representation" seems to apply to us in a disconcerting way. Our Republican representatives work hard and deserve our thanks, but, realistically, they are outnumbered and outvoted.

Jim Sheffield


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