I have been told that the Oregon Supreme Court was pretty much the final opinion. I found out today that this is not the case.

You may have heard about the appeal of the Oregon Department of Energy amendment rules that cut the public out of having any influence in the decision process regarding amendments to energy site certificates. The groups appealing who represented approximately 50,000 Oregon citizens have been waiting just a month short of two years for a decision. On Aug. 1, we got the news that the appeal had been won and the citizens could have a voice, even if the Department was not interested in what we had to say.

Today, less than a month later, the Oregon Department of Energy and Energy Facility Siting Council took approximately 10 minutes to overrule the decision with an "emergency rule" that changed all the places the rules said "shall" to "will," meaning they did not have to do it, and changed the appeal from what the original rules said to a process the justices said they would not approve. Remind me again, how do you spell "arrogant" and "corrupt"?

Irene Gilbert

La Grande

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