I couldn't decide who to root for in the NCAA ladies finals April 7. Baylor had beaten my Ducks, but
 Notre Dame was very good too. Then I read the statement made by Notre Dame coach Muffet
 McGraw saying she would never hire a man to be an assistant coach for her team. She has had an all-female staff for seven years now.

I was saddened and shocked that she would make such a sexist statement, 
but after checking it further found it accurate. She stated, “Men run the world. Men have the power.
 Men make the decisions.” That turned the tide, and I decided to root for Baylor. I was tickled that
 Baylor won a very close game even with their star forward getting hurt. It is hard to believe her Catholic college and employer would allow such discriminatory policies in their sports teams.

McGraw reminds me of Senator Hirono during the Kavanaugh hearings. She is one who immediately
 supported Dr. Ford before Kavanaugh got any due process or chance to present his side.

Folks will likely remember her stating, “I just want to say to the men in this country: Just shut up and 
step up. Do the right thing for a change.” She helped try and destroy a very good person and his 
family. Thank goodness Judge
 Kavanaugh endured the terrible ordeal and is proving to be an excellent Supreme Court judge.

 and McGraw really should be ashamed of themselves and apologize to the good men in this country.

Women have more opportunity today than ever. Salaries are catching up with men's. There are more 
female cabinet members and congress people in power than ever. There are many examples now of 
female CEOs of big companies.

I wonder if McGraw realizes there are far more men killed in combat
 than women? Women have been allowed to serve in combat since January of 2013. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, 103 women were killed compared with 4,226 men. I wonder if she knows in 2015
 there were 4,492 men killed in the workplace while only 344 women. Women can apply for these more 
difficult and dirty jobs — but they don't want them.

The way to improve situations for women in our country is not to offend and demean the many very
 good men who have respected and loved mothers and grandmother and daughters for many years — 
long before the Me Too movement told us to.

David Burns


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