I was gonna just let it go. I would turn the other cheek. Daily, it would pop into my head. I would do my best to ignore it. Alas, I couldn’t take it. It was not going away and my only remedy was to respond. I am talking about the group of churches, pastors and congregants that filed a lawsuit against the governor, citing unconstitutional restrictions due to the coronavirus. The first word that popped into my head was “selfish.”

I have yet to hear of a church or pastor collapsing into bankruptcy. Meanwhile, many of our small businesses will never recover from this horrendous virus. The effect on these churches’ pocketbooks is not mentioned in the lawsuit, but methinks it is a huge issue in pulling the old “religious freedom” lawsuit card. If you can’t assemble you can’t pass the basket, you can’t have the fundraisers. Yet, I can’t believe they would throw their fellow man under the bus because they “know” when it’s safe to start gathering in crowds of 25 or more.

Just guessing, but pretty sure our governor didn’t pull these rules and restrictions out of a hat. Just maybe they were put together by a team of top professionals and advisers to keep everyone as safe as possible, not specifically designed to inflict harm or damage on churches.

They say there is only one true God, but it seems like money is continuously hanging around trying to sneak its way in, always a close second. When I read about churches suing our governor over rules implemented to protect everyone I asked myself, “What would Jesus do?”

This thing will be over soon and church services, fundraisers, social gatherings will again be in full swing. For the short term, I’m confident we can all handle our own spiritual fulfillment. If a support group of like-minded souls is a necessity in your life, then by all means reach out via phone or computer. Please don’t endanger my life under the guise of religious freedom. Peace to all.

Mike Meyer

Baker City

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