So the Pendleton police chief has decided to go to battle over shopping carts, making the owner responsible for keeping them on their property or face a fine if they don’t retrieve them. Seriously?

Maybe it would be better to ask the folks pushing them around town to return them or they will receive a ticket — after all, they are stolen. To require the stores to tag each cart is ridiculous and will change nothing.

It's time the police did a little work and not try to make stolen carts a revenue maker. Why not be a community helper (protect and serve), and when they spot a abandoned cart, call a city maintenance or parks and recreation supervisor and see if one of their pickups can return it to its rightful owner. Why should the owner of stolen property be penalized?

Randy Holman


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Independent Thinker

Could the letter writer please explain why the taxpayer should foot the bill for picking up shopping carts? I wonder if the writer works for one of the grocery chains !!

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