In Jerry Cronin’s recent letter to the editor, he applies the word “why” to the crosswalk project and claims there are commonly no pedestrians downtown, and therefore, there is no need for improving safety with raised midblock crossings. With pedestrians being hit and killed or injured in our downtown area in recent years, THAT answers Mr. Cronin’s “why.” I believe anything that can be done to increase safety is worth the effort.

I walk downtown daily and have been nearly run over on numerous occasions. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I am crossing at a street light, midblock crossing or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection (such as Southwest First and Emigrant), drivers go too fast and fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians.

I am thrilled about the raised midblock crossings. Any driver who complains about the raised crossings is probably going faster than the 20 mph speed limit in the business district, which is set by Oregon State Law (whether posted or not, according to the Oregon Driver Manual). I eagerly await the completion of the other raised crossings.

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