Tuesday’s East Oregonian featured the Forest Service opening their facility with a spiritual ceremony that depicts the symbiotic relationship between the Forest Service and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. The event also demonstrates how efficient CTUIR is in all phases of economic development from recruiting, planning a project, and constructing a building by its deadline.

Next, there was this blaring headline, “More than a dozen North Hill vehicles broken into.” If the cars are not frequently egged, they are broken into on a regular basis. It is time to expand our video surveillance network.

This leads into a response to the “Nobody Does It Better Than Pendleton” editorial. If I didn’t agree with the writer, I would have taken Mr. Gavette’s advice and hit the road a long time ago.

Unfortunately, the editorial writer failed to mention the area on Main St. between Byers and Emigrant and a major issue that ties in with the car break-ins. Drug use is an epidemic in our town. Evidence for this is available in the Public Records section under “Arrests and citations” as well as the weekly court reports. People steal to buy drugs.

As an example, let’s walk in the shoes of Joe “Speedy” Tweaker as he journeys downtown and beyond. After toking up on the River Walk, he ambles past Penneys to patronize Wicked Kitty’s latest feature that opened on 4/20. Their Green Room now provides for the needs of the discerning local crack addict. Joe can also get a tattoo and adult toys. The store has now become Pendleton’s own Adults “R” Us.

Speedy then strolls across the street, walks past the Rainbow, and turns right in the direction of Crabby’s. His destination is the Spice of Life. Again, his eyes can feast on drug paraphernalia or buy sexy lingerie for his girlfriend, a toothless wonder who probably could use a paper bag over her head rather than an alluring nightie.

His walking tour then continues down Dorion, where he begins his own Westward Ho! jaunt to Bare Bones where he can also pick up a pipe and a case of beer. He then speed-walks over to Raley Park and drinks the beer with his other buddies, who have already taken their empty aluminum cans into Albertsons and have been working on their own case of beer. That is the only work any of them do.

Jerry Cronin


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