Thank you to the editor of the East Oregonian for the retraction of his support of Rep. Cliff Bentz following his decision to object to the certification of the electoral college votes. The views expressed in the full editorial released online on Jan. 7 are laudable and well-said. However, I would go further.

It spoke of understanding toward those who are disappointed in the election results. I understand and sympathize with that gut-wrenching disappointment as I experienced it when Mr. Trump won in 2016. Rather than undermine our elective process, however, I protested peacefully and worked to reverse those results through constitutional elections.

To support his constituents, Mr. Bentz should be telling them the truth, helping them face the reality of a legitimate election, and educating them about legal and elective processes. If those election processes are flawed, the time to deal with that is not after one’s candidate has lost. Instead, going forward, he should work in Congress to improve those institutions.

If Mr. Bentz is as good a critical thinker as the EO editorial says, he cannot genuinely believe that the election was fraudulent. By sustaining this disinformation campaign, he underestimates the intelligence of his voters, and bears some responsibility for the abhorrent scenes at multiple state capitols and our national Capitol on Jan. 6.

I am ashamed that this man represents me and this beautiful corner of Oregon. I will be working to unseat him in two years — the legal means of making my wishes known.

Lezlee Flagg


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