I am writing this letter because I?am so disappointed about what came to me in the mail. Maryl Graybeal Featherstone has sent out a flyer that contains so much misleading information and half-truths about Bill Hansell that it is in fact not even true at all. I know this because I have personally known Bill Hansell Sr. for many years; decades, actually. I am aware of what actually happened. I?then confirmed what I already knew.

These references to Bill’s integrity are way off base. They just aren’t true. Maryl’s campaign has twisted the “facts” so badly that they are misleading and really are just lies. I?am really disappointed that Maryl would resort to such tactics as this so that she could win.

I am also convinced of two things: One, I?need to make a donation to Mr. Hansell’s campaign; and second, if Maryl Graybeal Featherstone does in fact prevail, I will be voting for her opponent.

P. Todd Cogswell


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