In response to the article, "What's new in fishing in 2019?" I purchased my hunting and fishing license plus salmon and steelhead tags. My trip wasn't as satisfying as Luke Ovgard's. At my usual point of sale outlet I ended with five sheets of 81/2 by 11 inch documents. Most of which I must have in my possession while hunting and fishing. That will require some kind of cumbersome folder.

When I inquired, what happens when these printouts get wet — it does sometimes rain in Oregon — the sales person had no idea. You guessed it. The paper readily absorbed the water and any attempt to write on them with a ball point pen (required) got the expected results.

The sales person did say you could use a smart phone to tag your fish and any game where tags were required. I am assuming these smart phones get telephone reception everywhere in the state. I am also assuming the batteries for these phones never go dead. And then, there are those who go hunting and fishing to get away from their phones.

Carlisle Harrison


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