Another letter blaming the dams on the Snake River for the demise of the salmon. I have to call B.S. on that. The Army Corps of Engineers has run tests on the Snake and Columbia rivers. They know what to do to make the dams fish friendly, they do not want to spend the money.

Let’s take a real look at the true reasons salmon are going toward extinction. Native Americans are guaranteed 50% of the run. They have done more for reestablishing runs of salmon where they were nonexistent. So, what are the others doing wrong? Those fish have to go over the same dams. Then we have commercial nets in the rivers, sportsmen, and predators, many of which are protected themselves. Now, let’s add in the foreign ocean fishery, and we must not forget all the pollution that drains into the rivers from streets, sewers and industry.

Wolves, eagles, sea lions, seals — all have fines and jail time if one is found killing or harming one. The salmon is on the same list, so why are we still killing and eating them? Maybe we need to follow the money. Millions would be lost if salmon fishing was stopped or more curtailed. Think of the tackle, boats, motel rooms, food and gas that would not bought.

Phil Jarmer


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