Idaho Power’s application for a site certificate documents their intent to take private forest lands in Union and Umatilla counties.

• Decisions regarding the Forest Practices Act would be under the control of Idaho Power and the Oregon Department of Energy rather than the Department of Forestry and the landowner.

• Idaho Power plans to change the land use classification to avoid having to pay for reforestation after they clear cut the right of way.

• Changing the land use would reduce the payments required if the land is condemned to build the transmission line.

• In 2013 Idaho Power admitted that they would be cutting trees over 21 inches and that they would be cutting trees in Forested Wetlands. Now they claim no trees over 21 inches and no forested wetlands are impacted.

• In 2013 they estimated they would remove approximately 1,063 acres of forest land in the two counties. Now the amount of forest land taken will be 776 acres.

• Idaho Power values the lost forest land at $488.60 per acre in Umatilla County and $182.98 per acre in Union County.

• If your forest land is in an Agriculture/Forest Area and it loses a tax reduction as a result of this transmission line, the land owner pays penalties and increased taxes.

• For land in elk or deer winter range, the restriction on construction between Dec. 1 and March 31 can be waived by the Oregon Department of Energy.

• If you have birds nesting on your land, the setbacks from nest are between 300 feet and 0.5 miles during construction when the nest it occupied only. Even that can be waived by the Oregon Department of Energy

Owners of property zoned forest land, in a Farm/Forest designation, or where soils justify a designation as forest, you need to get involved. You are being attacked by this out-of-state, for-profit utility. Join the STOP B2H Coalition and fight for your rights and your land!

Irene Gilbert

La Grande

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