In response to the article in the East Oregonian on November 16-17, concerning Mr. Kelsy Garton. I feel that the agencies responsible for investigating this horrific incident have done the citizens of Pendleton a huge disfavor — and have failed to demonstrate that they are willing to hold all citizens at the same standard. To only charge Mr. Garton with third-degree assault and a DUII is an injustice.

What about hit and run, fleeing from the scene of a crime, attempted vehicular manslaughter and reckless endangerment? Yet he was released to go home after having his blood tested for alcohol content, which was 0.16, double the legal content. Police say this was common procedure; for what crime, I wonder?

Remember, Mr. Garton is a business owner, Little League coach and Happy Canyon director. A so-called role model for our youth and citizens. What kind of example have he and the so-called authorities set?

Thirty days in jail and probation? Many of Pendleton’s citizens have served that for duii alone. So why was Mr. Garton given such a minimum sentence? Mr. Garton says he’s remorseful.

Many individuals serving time for their crimes are remorseful. Being remorseful has nothing to do with being held accountable for your actions.

I could go on about the pain, grief, emotional and financial injustice to the Chen family, but it seems these agencies — district attorney’s office, police agency and the courts — have displayed no concern for him and his family.

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