Yes, in some sense, refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine is a personal choice, but in a much larger sense, that choice is having a adverse and very selfish effect on the general public.

Granted, there may be a few valid circumstances for not being vaccinated, but I'd like to address the folks who could have the vaccine but are holdouts.

For more than a year, we've lost much of our freedom to this "damnpanick," and because I'm in my elder years, that's a significant percentage of my remaining life.

Do the unvaccinated actually realize they are likely stretching out the time of those restrictions? How many times are we now hearing from very sick people "I wish I had gotten the vaccine"? Were these folks ever in the company of family/friends who might have encouraged them to do so?

Yes, I'm irritated by the unnecessary holdouts and the possibility of continued restrictions because of these folks; it is hard to accept. By the way, gosh, I'm wondering if I should have gotten the measles vaccine back in the late '40s? After all, what did they know, back then, about vaccines?

So, is there a sensible response to the above comments? Maybe. After all, I don't know everything.

Lloyd Corliss


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