The top five problems in American schools before 1962 were talking out of turn, chewing gum, making noise, running in the halls, and crowding in line. Since 1962 the top five problems in American schools are murder, rape, robbery, assault, and rebellion against authority. What changed?

Prayer was removed in 1962. The Bible was removed in 1963. The Ten Commandments were removed in 1980. Our youth, the future of our Republic, are growing up in an America with no moral conscience. America and the world are reaping the consequence of removing the God of the Bible from our way of life.

The absence of a moral rudder has removed the sanctity of human life from our culture. America has sanctioned the death of over 60 million aborted babies since 1973. Government sanctioned assisted suicide is new norm. Is it any wonder a few of our youth grow up to become mass murderers? The first textbook in American schools was the Bible. Today the Bible and the moral teachings it contains is banned in American schools.

The politicians that want to rule America grew up without a moral rudder as well. Their answer to mass murder shooting is to remove the American people's legal right to own a gun and change our Constitution. They want to remake the America Republic into the Godless image of a “gun free" socialist state like Red China or Venezuela.

These politicians are the blind leading the blind. The vast majority of American mass shootings, some studies document over 90%, occur in “gun free zones.” These mass killers may have no conscience, however they certainly know where to find those that cannot defend themselves.

These Godless socialist politicians seize upon the mass killings before the bereaved can mourn their loss to blame the gun, the Second Amendment, and the NRA. The truth is countries that banned or have strict gun control, like Russia, Norway, Finland, France and even Switzerland, have at least 25% higher per capita murder rates from mass public shootings. The USA doesn’t even rate in the top 10 in a world gone crazy without God.

God sacrificed his Son, Jesus Christ, to give us hope and truth in an age of great deception. We must return to the God of our forefathers and stand without compromise for the Republic and Constitution they bestowed upon us.

Stuart Dick


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