The safest bet in the recent presidential election was that Trump would not take a loss like a grownup. An entitled child and spoiled person is the easiest persona to predict. The “I’ll just take my ball and go home” act is a perfect fit for someone with his temperament.

He prepped himself and his easily swayed cult-like followers for this defeat with calls of election fraud before votes were even cast. He’s a worldwide embarrassment and a stain that won’t ever be erased from the history of our country. The only positive I can see is that he’ll serve as an example of what kind of person we don’t ever want in a position of leadership again.

I’m eternally grateful to real Republicans that stayed true to their beliefs in what conservatives really stand for, and realized that Trump wasn’t it. I’ll never respect the so-called people of faith that sold their souls to back such an evil and indecent person. Good riddance to bad rubbish and all of the lapdogs in your employ.

A drop of good news for Trump supporters, if we have another toilet paper shortage, you can always pull your Trump flags out of mothballs and finally put them to a use worthy of them.

David Gracia


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Independent Thinker

If I ever need toilet paper r a bird cage liner I'll just use this letter to the editor !!

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