What a shock it was to find out that the liberal supermajority again misled the GOP in Oregon. Time and time again, the GOP is misled, and time and time again, they fall for the lies of the left by taking the liberals at their word to do, or not to do, something in exchange for GOP support.

Once again the liberals agreed to remove bad legislation, ie. gun control and vaccine bills, if the GOP would return to the floor to pass yet more taxes for their tax-and-spend agenda. The left, at almost heartbreak speed, are trying to bring back the two bills. How many times does the GOP have to be lied to before the light goes on that the left will do anything to pass a bill? Wake up, Oregon GOP, it is time to stand up for the people and stop cowering to the radical left.

The left-wing radicals running Oregon claimed that President Trump's tax cuts will hurt the middle class in Oregon. While the Trump-hating left wing condemns the tax cuts, the truth comes out that, because of the tax cuts, the average Oregon taxpayer is expected to receive a $350 plus kicker payment due to increased revenue — more than double what the state economist predicted. Not to the surprise of anyone with a brain, House Speaker Kotek already is introducing a bill to take half of the kicker, which is taxpayers' money, to help fund some more of her pet projects.

As the radical left pushes for the decline of Oregon, the spineless GOP continues to fall for more lies.

John Harvey


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