I have known Greg Smith for 25 years.

He is one of the most optimistic and hard working people I have ever known.

He obviously has value to his clients or his private sector business would not have grown and become successful.

He has value to his constituents or they would have stopped sending him to represent them and their interests in Salem long ago.

He apparently has value to the House of Representatives or he would have been denied an impressive list of committee assignments.

His list of personal and professional accomplishments, accolades, awards, degrees, diplomas, certificates, honors, and formal recognition is impressive by many standards.

The longevity and loyalty of his staff (if Organizational Behavior research is a reliable indication) seems to be evidence of decent compensation, satisfactory working conditions, and opportunities for personal and professional growth and development that his leadership avails others.

He is indefatigable in his work ethic and seems oddly exempt from normal fatigue.

His years of service in the public and private sector have uniquely suited him for success.

It is as if he has been conditioned to be a multitasking, bilingual, ambidextrous, undaunted, and unflappable force of nature.

I know him to be a man of integrity.

In public and in private settings he comports himself with honor.

He doesn’t swear, gossip, malign, belittle, tell off-color jokes, or speak ill of others behind their back.

I vouch for his character and I am humbled to be his friend.

Kim B. Puzey


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