I was born and raised in Pendleton, and I attended Pendleton public schools from kindergarten through high school. I
 have practiced law here in Pendleton since 1980.

I first came to know Patrick Gregg over 10 years ago, when he began 
his civil law practice as a young lawyer at the Corey, Byler & Rew law firm. Over that time, I have watched him grow and 
mature, both professionally and as a member of this community. Professionally, Pat is bright, dedicated, hardworking,
 and even-tempered.

As a small-town lawyer, he has represented a wide variety of individuals, farmers, and businesses. 
As a member of the community, he and his wife, Jill, have put down roots in the community by purchasing a home and 
raising three young children.

I served on the Pendleton School Board for nine years. Much of what school board members do is the hard, tedious
 work of reviewing written documents and listening in order to become educated enough to make the kind of
 informed decisions school board members must make. Most of those decisions are not controversial, and 
therefore don't generate much publicity. Good board members know this, and understand that they have been
 entrusted by the public to do their homework and make wise decisions.

I believe Pat will approach his duties seriously, 
and that he has the skills to perform them well. Occasionally, school board service can be challenging, when hot-button 
issues arise, and then different skills are required. I believe Pat has the temperament and ability to serve in those 
situations as well.

I urge you to vote for Patrick Gregg for Pendleton School Board Position 7.

Michael Collins


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