As a native Oregonian I know that we have collectively been a very pro freedom state in the past. The people of our state have enjoyed our liberty through the years and I wish very much for that to be passed on to my children and grandchildren. That is why I am writing.

The four gun bills before the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee have been marketed as for the safety of Oregonians. However, those pushing for these measures have failed to show how they would make us any safer.

Senate Bill 347 would strip me of my right to legally carry my concealed carry weapon?(CCW) in a public school in Oregon.

Weren’t the Aurora, Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech tragedies carried out in gun-free zones such as the ones being proposed? Did that make the victims of those shootings safer, or any less dead for that matter? Have CCW licensees caused any violence in Oregon schools in the past?

The answer is no. So why do we need Senate Bill 347?

What about the Clackamas shooting? It wasn’t a gun-free zone. Wasn’t it effectively stopped, though, by a CCW licensee named Nick Meli? After Mr. Meli confronted the man, who retreated and ended his own life with far fewer victims than in Arizona, Virginia, Connecticut or Colorado.

Which brings us to Senate Bill 796. Why would we want to make it tougher for law-abiding people to be legally armed? You can’t legislate away the evil deeds of an evil man, so why burden a law-abiding citizen and disarm us? Senate Bill 700 would stop me from privately selling my firearm without government intervention. How does that make us safer? Did the shootings happen with privately purchased weapons?

The answer is no. The Sandy Hook and Clackamas shootings were carried out with stolen guns. The Aurora, Virginia Tech and Gabrielle Giffords shooters all used guns that they legally bought from dealers with a background check.

All this bill does is allows the government to be more involved in my business, while making no one safer. The truth is, that none of these bills will do a single thing to prevent tragedies from happening. Throughout history evil men have always found ways to slaughter innocent people, even before the gun was invented. All that these bills seem to accomplish is the further erosion of my constitutional rights.

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