Let me get this straight: $305 million tax dollars received from the federal government to start health care in Oregon and zero signups. Approximately three and half years to implement, hire 400 people to process paper applications, $3.5 million for advertising, and the only health care that a person can sign up for in Oregon is Medicaid.

Who in the heck is going to pay for Medicaid? There is not enough money going into Medicare or Medicaid to pay for either. Remember this governor’s bold statement when he started health care the first time he was in office? “A model for America.” How’s that working out for you, governor?

If one would take a rational look at just a few government programs, one would come to the conclusion none work: Social Security has IOUs, not a trust fund; war on poverty by Lyndon Johnson was supposed to end poverty in ten years (it has now been 48 years); war on drugs, now legalized dope; Head Start not working; Job Corps (where are all the trained children?); the Post Office; IRS; failed green projects; jobs programs; secure border; education — most teachers are good, it is what they are mandated to teach that’s the problem.

Remember the mantra “If we just had more money?” We don’t have money any more, we have currency. Take a dollar bill to the Federal Reserve Bank and ask for something in return. What one gets is the full faith and trust of the government. I personally have no trust in the full faith and trust because government has continually lied to me with greatest Ponzi scheme in history. I remember when one could get silver for it — now nothing, zero, nada, not even a smile. However they will fasten the doors on one.

Please, someone name one successful government program! Oh, I take that back, there is one: the NSA has successfully dated-mined my cellphone, home phone, computer, autos, credit cards and how many times I flush the toilet.

One last problematic bugaboo: The economy in Oregon is an invented outcome. If it is so respectable, why are there ten empty buildings for rent just on Main Street, and the jobs that were supposed to be created by the stimulus program not permanent jobs?

Is there no shame with our political people in power anymore? It appears as though they only feather and protect themselves.

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