Drivers: Please, turn off your fog/auxiliary lights. Fog light operation can be illegal and dangerous, often both.

Fog/auxiliary lights are usually positioned in or below the front bumper. They are operated by a switch with a "D" with a squiggle next to it. Under Oregon law, fog lights must be turned off whenever the operator is within 500 feet of a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction, and within 350 feet of a vehicle in front of you. The fine for improper use is $287.

Incorrect fog light use is dangerous because the driver's attention is focused right off the end of the hood, whereas they should be scanning the road approximately one block ahead. In addition, fog lights often distract other drivers.

The Oregon driver's manual states: "Fog lights are illegal to have in operation at times when you are required to dim your headlights." So if you couldn’t/shouldn’t have your brights on, your fog/auxiliary lights should be off.

Please folks, turn them off.

Paul Kennington


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