The media has always influenced public opinion and controlled what most people know about current events, but over the last four plus years that influence has grown exponentially. The media, including social media and big tech, in my opinion, are more biased than they have ever been. They have essentially become the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, the Washington establishment and the left. What now passes for news is filled with opinion, misinformation, disinformation, fabrication, distortion, character assassination, omission and censoring.

What is now our “news” is presented from the perspective of the left. Anyone with a different view is suspect and labeled, vilified, condemned or ignored. This is obvious to people with a more conservative view of the world but apparently not even seen by those on the left.

We have had several years of the media and the left tearing this country apart by segregating everyone into groups and telling us that they are the only ones that can fix the problems they created, all the while blaming those problems on others. They constantly blame others for the very things they themselves are doing.

The media has essentially colluded with the establishment in government to do whatever it takes to help them keep their power. They couldn’t stand a man who actually thought Americans should come first. Who thought the government placed a burden on most people’s lives with overregulation and punitive controls. Who thought people should be free to create their own destiny and be free to have their own thoughts even if they differed from others. The media’s goal for more than four years has been to destroy him and anyone who supports him.

It is going to be really hard to unite the country if half of the country is disenfranchised by the media and told their opinions don’t matter. If opposing views are censored there won’t be any unity. I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the left to change their ways and acknowledge they aren’t always right, no matter how many times they tell us they are.

Mark Barber

La Grande

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