While politicians on both sides seek to profit from illegal immigration in terms of cheap labor or a permanent welfare class that supports big government, the rest of us suffer the cost of mass lawbreaking. What illegal aliens can’t afford, taxpayers provide in terms of social services, subsidized housing, expensive bilingual education and incarceration costs.

On top of this are incalculable human costs. A pregnant woman named Kay Blaser, who went to my church, was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver in 2008. His Oregon driver license didn’t make him any safer. In 2011 a young woman in my family was sexually assaulted by an illegal alien coworker. He will get out of the Pendleton state prison in January and I haven’t been able to find out if he will be deported for the fourth time or released on to the street.

According to Senate Bill 744, he could qualify for legalization because he has only one assault conviction. Such a lax amnesty signifies the corruption and contempt that both our state and national politicians feel for citizens. However, Congress hasn’t yet passed this bill through both houses.

Next year the national House of Representatives will write its version of amnesty. After reconciling it with the Senate version, Congress will likely try to foist the whole package on the American people, as it tried to in 2006 and 2007. Only a national uproar stopped it then. If it passes this time, mob rule will have replaced the rule of law.

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