If the River Democracy Act passes, 4,700 river miles in Oregon will be included in the wild and scenic designation. Considered a “remarkable achievement” by some, others see a monster land grab, a back door to more lock up and lock out.

Increasing the buffer zone from one-quarter to one-half mile on both sides of the rivers creates approximately 3 million acres of de facto wilderness. Baker, Union, Wallowa and Grant counties will be saddled with 700 miles of new designations.

Management plans will be developed by the U.S. Forest Service or another agency. Presently, the Forest Service is way over its head in managing the forest.

Unsettling, upsetting, disturbing — this is happening under the term democracy. How and when did we lose control to a room full of politicians in Washington, D.C.? Have we become so complacent that this is acceptable? Ignoring impacts and input at the local level has become standard operating procedure. Lack of coordination with the counties circumvents local input (coordination is the law). Failure to recognize local concerns was the primary factor in the Blue Mountain Forest Plan Revision withdrawal. “Ditto,” trying it again.

No one cares more for our public lands and waterways then the residents of Eastern Oregon. Federal and state agencies use many tools to protect and preserve special places. Additional restrictions, outside those presently available, are unwarranted.

We're urging the Eastern Oregon Counties Association to join in and support Baker County’s opposition to the River Democracy Act.

D.M. (Tork) and Wanda Ballard

Baker City

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Independent Thinker

Sounds like a good idea !! Why is there opposition? The author wasn't very clear. I wonder if he is a land owner affected?

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