As I close out 20 years of serving on the Pendleton School Board, I look back 
at the good things that have happened in our district. The taxpayers in Pendleton
 stepped up to fund two new elementary schools, rebuild Hawthorne into a
 trendsetting Early Childhood Education center, and repurpose West Hills into a 
home for at-risk students and a Career Technical Center. Our teachers have
 stepped up to the changing of standards and testing methods and done a great
 job teaching with the resources at hand.

Our successes have been in spite of a severe lack of funding from the state level 
that has persisted for decades. In the years I have been on the board, the overall
 K-12 share of the state general fund has shrunk from 49% to 39%. The time is now 
to fully fund our schools.

The Oregon Legislature has proposed The Student Success Act (HB 3427), which
 would create fairness in our tax system for the benefit of Oregon students.
 Through strategic investments in school improvement, early learning, and
 statewide initiatives, the Student Success Act will increase educational outcomes 
in significant ways.

I'm proud of the accomplishments our district has made over the past two 
decades. It's rewarding to go to award assemblies or to graduation and know 
students now have a much more rigorous curriculum.

With more funding from the state, we could be doing even better. I'm urging our
 area legislators to vote yes for the Student Success Act.

David H. Krumbein, past president

Oregon School Boards Association


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