For the President of the United States to seriously suggest, as he quite clearly has, that a whistleblower should be executed, simply for exercising his or her constitutional and statutorily provided-for right of submitting a formal complaint, is just plain sickening — absolutely disgustingly so.

This president is dangerously ill, and it’s high time we recognized that and removed him from office — either as quickly as possible through impeachment proceedings or certainly by November 2020 via the voting booth.

If we don’t, we’ll definitely deserve the long-lasting impacts his deceit and self-centered actions will have on both the presidency and the structural integrity of our democracy — whether we be Republicans, Democrats, Independents, or whatever other political faith we may align ourselves with.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for trashing our constitutional protections (or simply looking the other way, as so many I know are so sadly and misguidedly apt to do) in favor of supposedly (actually, blindly) making America great again.

What a huge number of backward steps we’d be taking if the president (any president) is allowed to more or less “do whatever I want” as he so blatantly tweeted recently.

Les Ruark


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