She’s a doctor in psychology, business woman, senior lecturer and lifelong member of the Libertarian Party. Jo Jorgensen was recently nominated as the Libertarian Party’s candidate in this year's presidential race.

You may not have heard of her due to attention on more important things and the fact that large news outlets rarely report on third-party candidates, but I believe Jo Jorgensen is what America needs to get back on track and rebuild itself. Jorgensen earned her doctorate in psychology at Clemson University in South Carolina, where she currently lectures on the subject. This isn’t her first time trying for a position in office either. She was the 1996 vice presidential nominee with Harry Browne, so she has experience with politics and has stood by her beliefs all of her life.

Jo Jorgensen believes in what most politicians say they do — better health care, education, bringing our troops home, a healthier environment and cutting government spending — with the only difference being that she has a plan for all of the aforementioned. After the discord Donald Trump has caused during his time in office, and Joe Biden's lack of leadership and organization during his campaign, now more than ever is it important that we remember America is a democracy and that there are more than two parties to choose from.

Jorgensen will show up on our ballots in Oregon but there are 13 states, including our upstairs neighbors in Washington, who won’t even know she exists. If I have inspired you to look into Jorgensen's campaign, spread the word and remind your friends and family that we have options no matter how two-way the system seems.

This November, let’s elect a smart woman with a good head on her shoulders and, most importantly, a plan to fix America. Let’s pick a person who doesn’t have the baggage of going back on their words or lying to their people. America needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, and with all that's going on in the world, we need someone with the interest of the people in their mind leading us, not someone who cares about a popularity contest on social media or lining their pockets.

Please consider Jo Jorgensen for president of the United States.

Hudson Pelles


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