We should have Medicare for all and subsidized college educations.

The Republicans need to get on the right side of these issues.

I clearly believe that we already spend enough money on education to pay the bill, if we spent it properly. School vouchers must happen. We only need to get what we are already paying for. We must put competition into our education systems. College educations could be repaid with slightly higher tax rates by the individuals receiving the education.

We spend 25% of our gross national product on our medical system. England and France spent 13% to 15% on universal health care for all. We spend more on attorneys than those countries spend for complete coverage.

The bottom line is that nothing can ever change until we completely change our legal system. Our single-judge, 12-juror system is broken. If you have ever used talcum powder, ear plugs, Roundup weed killer, any medication, hernia mesh, etc., you can call for your settlement money. This is really why our health care system is unaffordable.

Our insurance companies are in bed with our legal system. They just pass these ridiculous single-judge rulings on to their customers. A single payor system where attorneys can not win attorney fees would immediately change our society.

Other countries, and our military courts, all use a three-judge format where the judges also ask the questions. Their attorneys have to take the oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God. They are prosecuted if they lie. Our attorneys are rewarded for lying and our judges are just attorneys in black robes. Individual judges completely control the admission of evidence and the results of their trials. They should only be allowed to rule in front of the voters that elect them.

Our education and health care systems can not provide what we want until the “Justice System” is completely changed.

Kalvin B. Garton


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