Umatilla County residents should follow the old axiom of keeping our mouths shut and just let people think we’re ignorant and not opening our mouths and removing all doubt.

It’s embarrassing enough to have a multitude of people living here foolish enough to support a Trump presidency despite his reputation for grift, endless lies and scandalous and inappropriate interactions with women. Now we have the resistance to vaccinations.

People are splitting themselves to prove a point. Not recalling that they themselves have been vaccinated already just so they could attend public schools. All of a sudden they want to treat their bodies like a temple that shouldn’t be subjected to a vaccine that might contain ingredients they’re unaware of.

All between bites of a gas station corn dog, an energy drink and a drag on a vaping device or a cigarette. I’ve seen the temples in this town. I’m not impressed.

Also, businesses have to take a neutral position when it comes to taking a public political stand. Cease with the assumption that everyone agrees with your political preferences. There are businesses that I don’t agree with that I will still patronize as long as they keep their opinions to themselves.

Go on Facebook or other social media sites and whine about not getting your way and you’ve lost my business for good.

David Gracia


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