In 2013, Edward Snowden documented proof that Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, YouTube and other major tech companies were providing the Obama administration (DOJ, FBI, NSA) personal information on American citizens.

These tech companies are considered part of the private sector, however, and Obama-era operatives are now employed and operate in these tech companies working to manipulate public opinion. For instance Google controls more than 90% of all online searches worldwide. On July 17, Dr. Robert Epstein testified at a Senate Judiciary hearing that “Google algorithms are having a dramatic impact on the thinking, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, purchases and voting preferences of 2.5 billion people, right now.”

Google and tech companies use algorithms, manipulative search engine techniques, to promote their globalist, leftist, anti-American agenda and suppress and undermine American conservative, biblical and constitutional values.

This is part of a coup against the Constitution and sovereignty of the American Republic and the American people orchestrated by traitors that own and control the American press, media, Democratic Party, some in the Republican Party, and are insidiously planted within all branches of the American government. This coup has attempted, from the get-go, to overthrow a duly-elected president. The latest evidence of this coup and proof these Democrats could care less about America or Americans is the coming fake press and media orchestrated congressional impeachment mockery.

This is the reason the Democrat, Socialist/Communist left needs to abrogate the Constitution and Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment. There is one reason why citizens living under Socialist/Communist/Islamic governments have no freedom or liberty. They live under the despotic controls of governments that have confiscated their ability to arm and defend themselves. The globalist Socialist/Communist-controlled Democratic Party in America must confiscate the arms of the American people to complete their attempted coup. They could care less about victims of mass shootings and do nothing to heal the root causes of these tragedies in order to promote their anti-American agenda.

Do not be deceived, America. Stand without compromise for God and country. Every American has a duty to stand unwaveringly for duly-elected President Donald Trump, who stands for our Constitution and godly heritage. In like manner, every American has a responsibility to stand against every enemy, within or without, of our constitutional republic and way of life.

Stuart Dick


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