The mayor stated that the number one concern of the residents was street repair. Why, then, is the city borrowing millions of dollars for the airport again? So far the return on the investment has been poor at best, and now they want another $11 million. They will want more money for new fire trucks and building upgrades for the station at the airport also, wait and see.

Did the people of Pendleton get a say in borrowing that money? No, the city decided to put all its eggs in one basket. Their words, not mine.

When will the money flow to the airport stop and a good return start to flow back into city coffers?

The road to nowhere has almost zero traffic; it was supposed to bring in new customers to the airport and that never panned out. That money could have fixed streets for ten years or more.

Sooner or later all these loans will have to be paid. How much per year will be spent repaying these loans? Will the rents at the airport cover the payments? There is a point where the city will go broke — how much longer? All the extra fees that the city can levy without a vote will also reach the point that even the silent majority will start to speak, or quit paying taxes. "Taxation without representation” ring a bell?

Pendleton must start living within its financial means, just like all its residents, or it too will fall into bankruptcy — and if the people want streets fixed as a priority the city must put its efforts to the task. And maybe the city should borrow $11 million for street repairs instead of for the airport.

Tell the people what the loan would cost per year on their taxes and let them choose between the airport or city streets.

Randy Holman


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