Upon crossing into Idaho on Interstate 84 there used to be a sign reading "Idaho is too great to litter." I used to joke the sign should read "Idaho is too illiterate to be great."

The joke hit home, however, when a Greater Idaho leaflet landed in my mail, claiming that I’d be better off if I was an Idahoan. It would be effortless, I wouldn’t have to move, they would simply elasticize Idaho’s boundary and stretch it around Oregon’s more desirable acreage. That done, I’d supposedly be happy with lacking infrastructure; for example, why waste good tax money filling in those unattended pot holes.

No, I live in Eastern Oregon and hopefully will continue to do so. Besides, I wouldn’t be caught dead driving around with license plates that champion Famous Potatoes. It's true Eastern Oregon is often overlooked by Salem or that we have to apologize for Portland’s behavior — but that’s no reason to surround us by Idaho.

There are alternatives. If I want the Idaho experience I can always move to Douglas or Josephine counties and watch old episodes of "Duck Dynasty." Or, why not physically move Idaho. Ship it to the Middle East; plunk it down right between the two other “I” countries, Iran and Iraq. it would at least give mask-less Ammon Bundy something to whine about.

Meanwhile, I’m happy living here with Eastern Oregon’s present borders, values and laws. Or maybe I’ll create a new movement. I’ll call it Greater Hawaii.

Whit Deschner

Baker City

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