Personally I would like to thank the community members who have helped make a positive impact on the town of Lexington with our goals of providing safe neighborhoods attracting more families to move in, clean water, safe streets, children's park, recruiting more firefighters and promoting and supporting businesses.

Last November, I was elected by a write-in vote for mayor. When I took the oath of office as mayor of Lexington, I promised to follow all the rules, laws and regulations of the state of Oregon, as well as the town of Lexington and Morrow County. As mayor, I found that the town council had not been following some rules and guidelines. I contacted state agencies, DEQ, Ethics and Conduct, State Revenue, Secretary of State, and with the League of Oregon Cities lawyers and our auditor, was advised to correct the violations. I also sought out the county assessor, clerks and planner for further direction and guidance and was supported by county government.

When I started to change the council way of doing business, the personal attacks against me started at council meetings, on social media and in the newspaper. Council members vowed to fight me every step of the way. The present council has illegally stopped me from fulfilling my duties by taking actions with no resolutions, changing the town charter and making decisions outside of council meetings.

Recently, Lexington’s town recorder and maintenance personnel resigned due to a hostile work environment, which is my biggest disappointment as I was unable to protect them.

Many in our town have been working hard applying for grants and established partnerships to help us make Lexington great with a bright future. As much as I would like to pursue improving the town of Lexington, the council has prevented me fulfilling my duties, so it is time to step aside and resign effective immediately. However, I will continue to be an active community member and, on a positive note, I have been recruited to help other communities and organizations with their goals and missions and look forward to contributing my time and effort.

Marcia Kemp


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