Well, I have some great solutions for pro-lifers who want abortion laws passed. One solution would be working with those that want to change laws on gun rights.

You can ban my right to an abortion and I can ban your right to own a gun. Or, maybe, you leave my uterus alone and I’ll leave your MR15 alone. Fair exchange, since I believe your weapon kills more babies than my weapon does. Mine only kills one at a time.

Another solution would be, for a law that deals solely with a females body, it’s only practical that only females be allowed to vote on this kind of bill.

The men of these different states that have passed these laws have shown their total lack of knowledge relating to the functions of the female body. They probably still think storks deliver babies.

If men think they have a right to govern our bodies then they need to include all forms of “baby making” killings, or what part of the human body is used to form new life. It is sad that so many men kill thousands of babies without giving them a chance at life just to satisfy their own self-gratification.

Bernie Sanderson


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