Happily, U.S. Representative Greg Walden announced he’s quitting, with 14 others so far. In regard to the quitters of 2020, I’ve had a revelation. This revelation highlights a motivator about Republican willingness to serve.

Serving in Congress is supposed to be an effort to serve the people and improve America. Sadly, for most Republicans service is only directed to acquiring pure power and jamming through legislation that serves the primary objectives of the GOP: moving as much money and power into the hands of the already rich and powerful.

Hence, Republicans believe that if they cannot control the reins of power and easily accomplish their goals, then why serve? As a minority they do not wish to participate in governing America. A near evenly represented Congress often creates the best legislation, legislation built on compromise and having benefits for all parties. In the GOP’s view, what’s the value of serving if one must compromise with the evil Progressives?

The hot question is whether the residents of District 2 will be able to recognize how hostile Walden is to the average citizens and their goals. If they do see that destroying health care coverage for middle- and low-income Americans, and tax cuts heavily weighted toward the wealthy and corporations, are not what they see as helpful to them then they can select someone more willing to work across party lines for the best outcome for everyone. In theory, we’re all in this together.

Fred Brown


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Independent Thinker

Just substitute Merkley and the letter writer has it right. The Demos don't care about Eastern Oregon.

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